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Our Licensed Mobile Notaries Come To Your Location 24/7 To Notarize Any Documents You Need A Signature Witnessed, Including Medical Facilities To Provide Notary Services For Limited Mobility & Hospitalized Clients.

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24/7 Mobile Notary Services That Cover All Of Your Document Signing Needs

Common Documents We Notarize
  • Bill Of Sale
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Adoption Papers
  • Agreements
  • Child Custody Forms
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Healthcare Documents
  • Property Deeds
  • Loan Documents
  • DMV Forms
  • Divorce Papers
  • Transfer Of Titles
  • Promissory Notes
  • Liens
  • Leases
  • Medical Forms
  • Business Documents
  • Living Wills
  • Medicaid & Medicare Documents
  • Health Forms
  • Insurance Paperwork
  • Financial Documents
  • Hospital Notarizations
  • Deposition Certificates
  • Travel Authorizations For Minors
  • Affidavits
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • General Notarizations
  • & More
Places We Provide Notary Services
  • Homes & Residences
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Nursing Homes
  • Business Offices
  • DMVs
  • Government Offices
  • Courthouses
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Retirement Communities
  • Senior Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Clinics
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospices
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Construction Sites
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Wedding Venues
  • Funeral Homes
  • & More
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Identification Requirements

Acceptable Forms Of ID Required For Us To Be Able To Legally Notarize The Signing Of A Document

As licensed Notaries Public, we are required by law to only notarize documents after valid government issued identification is presented to us for the parties signing the documents. The ID used must be valid and not expired and cannot be a copy of your ID, it must be the physical ID issued by your state, local or federal government. Acceptable identification documents are as follows:

  • US Passport
  • State Issued Drivers License
  • State Issued Identification Card
  • Military ID
  • Government Employee ID

Mobile Notary Fees

$60 Mobile Notarizations

We charge a standard, low-cost rate of $50 for our travel costs and $10 per notarization performed by our notary public. This rate is for appointments during normal business hours and non-holidays.

We accept cash, debit card, credit card and paypal.

For emergencies and appointments very early or very late in the day as well as appointments on holidays, our notaries reserve the right to charge a small convenience fee.

For appointments at locations outside of a 30 minute one-way drive time for our team members, we reserve the right to apply a long-distance fee. When you contact us we will notify you if your service location will require any extra charges for travel time.

If any additional fees apply to your appointment, you will be notified about it before a notary is dispatched to your location.

Please make sure you know exactly how many documents will need to be notarized and have the documents completely filled out before the notary arrives. Wait until the notary gets there to sign the documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have a valid state or federal government ID then you will need two witnesses present that can verify your identity. These persons must have valid ID and not be benefitting from the signing of the documents in any way. Work IDs, social security cards, credit cards Medicaid cards and similar are not valid options for verifying your identity.

The main point of a notary is to deter fraud by having a third party verify the person signing the document is who they say they are and is signing the document on their own free will. The notary will acknowledge the identity verification by checking ID, watching the signature take place, applying their notary seal to the document and then signing the document.

Yes. Every one of our notaries has a valid notary license with their local jurisdiction and they all carry $100,000 of error and ommissions insurance for your peace of mind.

No, they cannot. Notaries are not legally allowed to give legal advice to clients unless they are also a lawyer. Our notaries are there to witness the signing of documents and will not answer any legal questions.

A Notary Public is an official that is appointed by the Secretary of State to serve the public as an impartial witness during the signing of important documents as a means of preventing fraudulent actions. Notaries Public are bound by their oath not to use their authority in situations that they have an interest in.

We accept cash upon arrival or we accept debit card, credit card and Paypal at the time of booking your appointment.

No, it is not legal for a notary to sign a blank document. The documents must be completely filled out before it can be notarized to prevent other parties from filling out the documents after the notary has left. Please make sure all of your documents are filled out in full and you know how many signatures we need to witness before your mobile notary arrives.

We are available 24/7, but we also allow our notaries to have reasonable work schedules so we cannot guarantee that a notary will be available outside of regular business hours or on holidays. Feel free to give us a call to see if we have a mobile notary available outside of regular hours and we will connect you with one when possible or we will schedule an appointment for you at the next earliest available time.

No, notarization does not imply or certify that the information contained in the document is factual or correct. The notarization simply acknowledges that the person signing the document is who they say they are and is signing on their own free will.

The only times a notary may refuse to notarize a document is when they suspect fraud, cannot verify the signer’s identity, believes that the signer is being forced to sign or if the notary is unsure of the signer’s competence and understanding of the documents they are signing. Notaries also may not notarize documents in which they have an interest in or may benefit from. Our notaries do not discriminate at all, for any reason, ever.

For a notary to issue an acknowledgement, it is not required for you to sign the document in the notary’s presence, but you will have to prove your identity and swear under oath that your signature was made on your own free will. If you require a jurat instead of an acknowledgment, it is required that you sign the document in front of the notary. These types of documents will specifically state the need for a jurat by saying “subscribed and sworn to” on the document just above where the notary should be applying their seal.

We can notarize photocopied documents that are completely filled out and have been signed physically. Photocopied signatures are not valid for notarization.

Our Service Area

Currently Serving Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO

Denver, CO

Stay tuned for more locations as we expand across the United States.